Our Solutions

Mechanical Engineering

We are a structural and engineering company that serves clients in various mechanical fields such as forging, energy, process and manufacturing industries. Our company is geared towards providing top-quality solutions, while understating both time and financial constraints, working with agencies, private-organizations, and governments alike. Solutions include providing advance expertise with top-quality equipment and software, wide knowledge of industry codes, as well as great experience in fatigue and stress analysis.

The services provided are basically an invaluable resource for technical and complex mechanical projects that demand expertise and experience in both small and large components and equipment.


-Feasibility study

-Conceptual design

-Design review


-Manufacturing process

-Production realization

-Verification and validation

-Project Management

-Cost and scheduling

Electrical Engineering

With intelligent system designs, lasting value, functionality, and quality, we aim to provide the top electrical engineering solutions.

We have completed many commercial, residential, educational, and industrial projects.

To support our client’s needs, our employees are well-trained and vigorously tested, offering various electrical solutions with top-quality modern technological equipment.

Our company’s expertise is not limited to those, as we also provide electrical solutions for civil engineering works as well as facility management.

There are professionals to serve our clients well at any capacity or location, both within or outside the nation.

-Electrical hardware design

-Network-based Control system design

-PLC programming

-Embedded software design

-High-level programming


-Verification and validation

-Project Management

-Cost and scheduling

Maintenance & Other Services

We are a privately-owned mechanical, electrical, water, and gas solution provider and we also specialize in various kinds of installation and maintenance.

As a trustworthy and reliable company, we provide high-quality products and services.

We also expand and diversify our capabilities so as to better satisfy the ever-changing needs of our clients to achieve optimum cost-of-ownership.

The company also strives to maintain an environmental equilibrium.

-Contracts Management of Term Contractors

-Mechanical & Electrical Services (M&E)

-Painting & fitting and piping

-Electro Mechanical Service (cleaning sinks and urinals)

-High pressure water jetting

-Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW)

Water & Wastewater Treatment

We provide cost-effective water treatment, water recycling, and water recovery solutions to many industries all over the globe. Wastewater treatment and water recycling is important to many operational processes. As such, our portfolio includes a wide range of commercial, industrial, municipal applications. We also do raw water treatment as well as ash pond remediation.

The company also provides routine maintenance and operation services for wastewater treatment facilities.

The technology we use focuses on performance enhancement, minimization, renewable energy, and beneficial reuse. We protect assets while reducing risks.

-Supply and installation of pumps (ejector, sump pump, sampling pump, Muncher pump, etc…)

-System Assessment & Improvement

-System Installation and Upgrade

-RO Membrane Cleaning and Replacement

-Process Evaluation & Plant Audit

-Scheduled Maintenance

-Resin Replacement

-System Troubleshooting

-Media and Filter Replacement

-CDI/EDI cleaning and maintenance

Oil & Gas

We provide engineering solutions to the oil and gas industry that allow our clients to make efficient financial decisions.  With the aid of our well-trained staff and comprehensive services, we hope to build strong relationships with our clients.

Factors such as environmental protection, laws & regulations and ergonomics are considered during our consulting process.  This allows us to offer our clients balanced oil and gas services that ensure the inter-relations between diverse disciplines are competently recognized and addressed.

Overall, we have great expertise in Commissioning and Engineering. The company is staffed with intelligent and professional engineers who carry out their tasks with precision, efficiency, and diligence.

-Supply of blower and compressor

-Piping & Equipment erection & installation on Modules

-Alloy & special type piping

-Manpower supply

-Testing & commissioning works

-Project Management

Renewable Energy

We have extensive experience in the relevant technology and business areas, including product and project development in engineering and electrical engineering, procurement, production, delivery and installation, including marketing and sales, for project or system partners or simply licensees in the respective markets for the most diverse customers and their needs.

The renewal energy system solutions are created 100% from the operator’s point of view, very specific for the customer from their own practical experience.

On the basis of this, we are able – through cooperation with our trained system partners – to provide our joint customers with optimal support, with the overall management experience in the wind turbine / PV manufacturer and investor sector.

These are the area we specialize on for renewal energy sector.

– car pod solar

– solar house

– float house

– wind turbine