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Customer-centric and flexible – FIMA service

Companies focusing on the production of customised machinery need one thing above all else: qualified committed service teams at local level to ensure that you, the customer, get what you need. This includes installation, trial runs and commissioning, maintenance and modification work, and the seamless management of maintenance history files for all FIMA systems. The excellent reputation of our service is founded on two pillars: flexibility and customer centricity on the one hand, and on the other, handcrafted precision, responsibility and comprehensive technological know-how.


  • 24h hotline service team
  • Outdoor assembly
  • Service agreements
  • Repair, conversion, adjustment
  • Original spare parts
  • Countries include Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand
FIMA Letter: Aegis as Authorized Distributor

Sole Distributor for   Singapore   Thailand   Indonesia

WEBER (Hong Kong)

Focus of the R&D for the DesiUS has been the requirement to achieve the highest possible ultrasonic cavitation performance along with the highest machine reliability. The core technology of the DesiUS is the BioPush flow- through cell, which due to its high-performance surface converter generates a homogeneous cavitation field within the reactor. Thus the technology has shown itself to be considerably superior to the otherwise common rod-type transducer technology.

  • Very high energy efficiency – up to 50 % savings compared to other disintegration systems
  • Extremely low-maintenance plant technology
  • High degree of operational reliability
  • Long standing times
  • Can be ideally adapted to the respective requirements
  • Lower space requirement thanks to compact design, simple plug & play installation
  • Quick pay back


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BINDER (Hong Kong)

Binder GroupkVACOMASS® jet control valve

  • Stainless steel control valve with a central control axis and electrical drive for precise control of air supply into the aeration tanks
  • Linear working characteristics from 5 to 95%
  • Closes gas-tight
  • Minimal pressure drop due to high pressure recovery in the Venturi outlet
  • Reduction and expansion of piping is in most cases  not necessary any more
  • Air flow meter can be integrated or placed directly in front of the jet control valve, no straight inlet and outlet pipe necessary


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Binder Groupk

Focus on develops and coordinates the production and system integration of modern hybrid power plants, consisting of wind turbines (WEA), photovoltaic power plants (PV) and energy storage systems (ESS). With our worldwide unique and multi-patented photovoltaic charging station and parking lot solar power plants, this allows parking spaces to be upgraded to highly efficient solar plants, including numerous additional functions, including rapid charging of electric vehicles even during the night hours from solar power, complex infotainment systems, etc.

  • Carefree complete packages: from the idea through planning and realization to technical and commercial management
  • Non-binding expert advice for individual system integration
  • Over 20 years of experience with solar carports in a team
  • Certified quality management
  • Industrial prefabrication
  • Modular assembly with high quality components Made in Germany
  • Later expandable in size and multi-functionality





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